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    Auction Answers: The Bidding Process

    Okay so you are all registered, the $100 authorization has gone through on your card, and you’ve got your bidder number. Now what? It’s time for some Auction Answers about…The Bidding Process

    1. Do I have to register to look at the items in the auction?

    Nope. Just enter the auction and click the yellow “bid now” button like the one shown below and you can browse to your heart’s desire.

    Rasmus Website Auctions

          2.  I went through and bid on everything I wanted in the auction, but it didn’t go through, what happened?

    Did you enter your bidder number and password at the bottom of each page and hit “submit”? Yep, each page. Looks like this:

    Auction Answers Auction Blog

    You can also review the bids you have already placed on there and see if you have been outbid.

    3.   My business is tax exempt, how does that work?

    Just fill out this form with your bidder number and the closing date of the auction on the top and fax it back to us at 703-823-5587. Make sure you send it in well before the close of the auction so you don’t get charged tax when the sale closes. We don’t keep them on file, so resend them each time you want to bid on a new auction.

    Don’t worry we know there are still many more Auction Answers that you would like to see so stay tuned for more posts about the bidding process, removals, and even becoming a client! If you have any questions you want answered, just leave them as a comment!

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