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    3 Ways Bankers Utilize Online Auctioneers

    Last week, Rasmus Auctions’ Marie and Erik attended a Banking Conference and Show in Hershey, PA.

    Erik and Marie were excited to meet many new faces and to inform bankers about the multitude of ways that Rasmus Auctions can work seamlessly with the banking industry. Many of the other attendees were intrigued by Rasmus and their online auction model and eager to discuss how they could utilize it in their businesses.

    Rasmus Auctions PA Bankers Conference

    Rasmus has a long history of partnering with banks and trustees, and can offer a quicker turnaround, broader reach, and often reach higher prices for their clients that traditional auctioneers or other methods of selling. Here are three great ways that banks can partner with Rasmus Auctions:

    1. Appraisals – Rasmus Auctions has two certified appraisers on staff that can come out to a location whether that be an estate, a business, or real estate and do any level of appraisal needed. Appraisals can range from an overall estimates, to orderly liquidated value and detailed line item values for each item. Bankers can then leverage these appraisals in presenting options for their clients and becoming more informed on the value of the assets.
    2. Online Auctions – Online auctions are faster, easier, can reach more people, have a lower impact and provide more return than traditional auctions, garage sales, or throwing everything in a dumpster. Rasmus’ Online Auctions bring top dollar for assets by targeting the audiences that want what you have to sell through their expert marketing team and their buyer base of over 75,000 people across the mid-atlantic.
    3. Bankruptcies – Rasmus Auctions got their start working with Trustees in the DC area on bankruptcy cases and have had many extremely successful bankruptcy online auctions. Rasmus is bonded in several states and is experienced in the intricacies of bankruptcy online auctions. Our Truland Online Auction is an example of a bankruptcy online auction that Rasmus conducted with great success.

    Know of someone who could use an online auction for their assets? Contact us on our website!

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