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    3 Ways to Avoid an Auction Removal Day Disaster

    1. Know when the removal is! 

    Make sure that you know when the removal is taking place (hint: usually on weekdays, the day after the auction closes, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.) and that you or someone you trust is available to pick up your stuff during that time BEFORE you bid! Rasmus often works with clients under strict restraints and deadlines, so as much as we would love to, it is extremely rare that we can extend or reschedule the removal times.

    Used up all of your time off lounging on the beach? That’s cool! You can send someone else with your paid invoice (ex: movers, your significant other, craters and freighters, your cousin’s friend who has a truck…whoever! If they have your paid invoice, they can pick up your stuff)

    Erik the donut master!     group

    Pro Tip: If you get there early, often you can get in and out more quickly and feast on some complimentary Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee while you are at it! (See pictures above for proof!)

    2. Read the description. 

    We know, it seems obvious – it happens to the best of us. You arrive on site and your item is smaller than you imagined, or it’s way bigger and you don’t have the means to remove it – but you don’t have to imagine what size it is! Just read the description. We always list the dimensions so that you know if the elliptical will fit in your minivan (it won’t) and, that you probably don’t need a Penske for your one table and chairs.

    Your ceiling fan is most likely still attached to the ceiling, and will say “buyer to uninstall” in the description. Likewise the bar is probably still attached to the floor. And the artwork to the walls. The oven still has gas lines attached.

    The designer wrap around executive desk with a hutch that you got an awesome deal on? It’s sometimes longer than you think, and still needs to be taken apart to fit through the door. Make sure you read the descriptions of items thoroughly before you come to pick them up, so that you can be prepared to remove them in a safe, efficient manner. Speaking of preparedness…

    jack     Lifts

    ^This is what a prepared buyer looks like! They can easily and safely remove this giant restaurant hood with two lifts, the proper tools and expertise, and plenty of help! Jack (pictured on the left) is always prepared and ready to move items safely and efficiently! Thanks Jack for being one of the best!

    3. Be prepared. 

    What do you need to be prepared? Well, obviously it depends on your item. You will need the proper tools to disconnect your items (drills, screw drivers, pliers), the proper moving equipment to pick it up and bring it out to your vehicle (dollies, hand carts, etc), and the proper (wo)man power to lift it up to get it on and off of your moving equipment safely. Unfortunately, Rasmus employees do not and can not move equipment for you, so if you aren’t sure if you can go it alone, bring a friend (or hire one on the street).

    If you are moving large equipment make sure you have someone who knows how to safely disconnect and move it. We want everyone to be safe and happy at our removals! We do our best to tell you everything there is to know before you get there to make your lives easier.

    Always expect the best, but prepare for the worst! If we have any special instructions about the removal, they will always be on your invoice, right under the address for the removal location. Be sure to take a look and read all the way through them – then give us a call at (703) 768-9000 or fill out our contact form if you have any questions!

    We will see you at the next removal!

    A safely removed double deck pizza oven!

    Pictured Above: A safely removed double deck pizza oven!

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