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    Rasmus’ Favorite Things

    The Holidays are fast approaching, and we wanted to share just a few of our favorite things this year. This list includes tools, gadgets, apps and more that we are using and loving!

    The North Face E-Tip Gloves The North Face E-Tip Gloves 

    There is nothing more frustrating than having to take your glove off every time that you want to use your touch screen smart phone, and now, you don’t have to! The North Face has come out with their “E-Tip Glove” These gloves have “Xstatic conductive fingercaps on the thumbs and index fingers”, which basically means that the phone can still sense your fingers through the gloves. There’s also a grid of silicone dots on the palm, thumb, index, and middle fingers to improve your grip on your gadget, not to mention they look pretty sleek.

    Bluetooth Headset

    Since the laws banning handheld use of your cell phone while driving in both Maryland and the District, those of us who are always on the go have had to find other ways to keep in touch on the road. While a Bluetooth headset may make you look like you are having a heated argument with…yourself while in traffic they are well worth it to avoid the up to $100 fine.

    Jam Box

    Wish that your phone was just loud enough to play music so that more than one person can hear it? It is when you use a Jam Box. The Jam Box is a Rasmus favorite for small gatherings, lounging poolside, and on-the-go music listening.


    When we use our Jam Box, a lot of the time we are playing Spotify. While we still love Pandora, Spotify lets us choose exactly what we want to listen to, and we can listen to entire albums for FREE! Downloading Spotify is easy, and you can even connect it to your Facebook so that others can see what you are listening to, and you can see what they are listening to.

    iPhone 4S & SiriiPhone 4S & Siri

    We love the iPhone 4S and all of the joy and entertainment that Siri brings. Siri is great for making and keeping track of appointments and reminders,obscure questions just to see what Siri’s response will be, and of course finding businesses that are nearby. But if you still have the iPhone 4 there is an app called Vlingo that is the next best thing. As one of our on-site workers Jay would say, it’s “Kind of Siri, but not really.” and is a voice to text application.

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